Hi! I'm Herman,
I've been designing interfaces and icons for applications and games since 2005. Below are examples of pixels I lit up on a range of devices.

Let's make cool stuff together!


apps-v79-01_thumb.jpg apps-v79-02_thumb.jpg apps-v79-04_thumb.jpg apps-fc-04_thumb.jpg apps-fc-06_thumb.png apps-fc-07_thumb.png inkquest.png vectorscribe.png phantasm.png dynamic sketch.png inkscribe.png mirrorme.png subscribe.png apps-stod-02_thumb.jpg apps-stod-04_thumb.jpg apps-stod-05_thumb.gif apps-wtw-01_thumb.jpg apps-stad-01_thumb.jpg apps-stad-08_thumb.jpg apps-stad-09_thumb.jpg apps-saints-01_thumb.jpg apps-saints-02_thumb.jpg apps-saints-04_thumb.jpg apps-ae-01_thumb.jpg NuNL_thumb.jpg

I have made interface graphics with several clients, including Sanoma Media, Astute Graphics, the Saints, VMM and Audio Ease.


games-apb-01_thumb.gif games-apb-02_thumb.gif games-sb-01_thumb.jpg games-sb-02_thumb.jpg games-sb-03_thumb.jpg games-sb-04_thumb.jpg games-sb-05_thumb.jpg games-sb-06_thumb.jpg games-sb-07_thumb.jpg games-TTWYM-0.jpg games-TTWYM-a.jpg games-TTWYM-b.jpg games-TTWYM-c.jpg Codemon-Icon-Sheet Codemon-Elements.jpg Codemon-Stadium.gif Codemon-Stable.jpg Codemon-Shops.jpg games-2tr-01_thumb.jpg games-2tr-02_thumb.jpg games-2tr-03_thumb.jpg

I have worked on several video games, including APB, The Chronicles of Spellborn, Codemon, Throw Trucks With Your Mind and Garfield 2.

Stark Icons

Address_Book.png Finder.png Chrome-Old.png Chrome.png Safari.png Firefox.png Clear.png Clear.png Ableton_Live_W.png AASparrow.png Adobe_Carved.png Adobe_Photoshop_Gradient.png Adobe_Illustrator_Carved.png iTunes_Tilted_Shaded.png Spotify_Expanded.png Quicktime.png Skype.png Settings.png Sublime.png Pictures.png Dribbble.png Notational_Velocity.png

I create icons for fun. This set is called "Stark Icons", and contains 50 Mac icons. Download the set here.

I write about my icons, scripts and tweaks at www.nimbling.com/blog

Herman van Boeijen



Herman van Boeijen
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